Jennifer I

Jennifer I
Jennifer enjoys the extremeties within make-up artistry and the contrast of working with brides on their wedding day to the fast pace and creativity on a photoshoot or behind the scenes at a fashion show. Jennifer delights in creating an image, setting a scene and telling a story within her work. It's all about the detail and Jennifer takes great pride in ensuring that not only is the make-up applied with perfection but that all aspects of the finished look are in place.
Jennifer has worked on model portfolio shoots , shoots for magazines, Ulster Life (front cover) Eve magazine, Northern Woman (FFF), make-up for Conservative and Unionist billboard campaigns and won an award for creative make-up. Jennifer travelled to London for Aveda Pure Image Hair Awards as MUA for Nicholas Graham Salon and won 2 awards, is currently working with Mencap on upcoming nationwide X Factor style event, whilst juggling many private client jobs including weddings, make-up parties and lessons .
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