We are pleased to announce our involvement with the 'Frocks for Freedom' charity fashion show event in Belfast City Hall, Saturday 5th October 2013, 7.00pm


Join us as the very best of NI fashion, sporting celebrities and gifted musicians come together to present this unique event proudly supporting The A21 Campaign.

The evening includes:
-Dance performance by Vibe Academy
-Launch of Unify Fashion Collective Spring/Summer 2014 Collections showcased by Style Academy models

-Special modelling appearance by GAA and Rugby stars
-Inspiration from A21 Ireland's Advocate, Helen Cupples and NI Woman of the Year 2012, Kate Richardson
-Music by the fantastic Cola Cubes, Rosie Carney and more
-Refreshments by Laverys Bar & Café Vic-Ryn


In recent years there has been a rapid increase in human trafficking throughout the world, The A21 Campaign exists to confront this form of slavery in the 21st century.

Northern Ireland has the fastest growing sex industry in Europe and the corruption and depravity of traffickers shown towards victims is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Many criminal organisation in Northern Ireland previously generated funds throughout the illegal drug trade, however these gangs are now involved in the more lucrative crime of human trafficking.

It may seem incredible but within a stone's throw from where you are right now, there could be numerous individuals forced to service 'punters' against their will on a daily basis. The PSNI refer to this crime as 'Rape for profit'.

Unless groups such as A21, with the support of local elected representatives, media outlets and celebrities from various spheres, combine to raise both awareness and resources to stop this, the victims' screams of fear and deep despair will continue to remain silent. Evocative language yes, but sadly very true.

General Information
To reserve tickets please go to

Doors open 7.00pm (Drinks Reception)
Show Commences: 8.00pm

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