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Surf's Up at Style Academy!

Style Academy are EXCITED & DELIGHTED to announce that we are exclusively representing death defying wave surfer and ocean adventurer Al Mennie !!

Big wave surfer, ocean explorer, pioneer, author to name but a few talents! At a towering 6'5" Portrush big wave surfer Alastair Mennie operates on a different scale to other wave riders.

From humble beginnings at Castlerock Al eventually pioneered many of the now notorious Irish big surf spots, resolutely forging his own way long before the surfing world recognised Ireland as a legitimate big wave arena. Although being one of the sparks that ignited Irish big wave surfing's belle epoch and regarded as a sporting hero in Northern Ireland this humble and affable man remains unsullied by the media and industry circus that surrounds the big wave scene.

He took his home grown act on the road and proved himself against the best at established giant surf venues, becoming one of the first European surfers to gain worldwide respect in the big wave game. Today Al is regarded as a sporting hero in his native Ireland and mainly focuses on mining the almost limitless vein of isolated, cold water big wave breaks that lie off the Irish coast.

It is not unlikely that Al Mennie will continue to do what comes so naturally to him and discover, pioneer and ultimately ride what could be the biggest wave ever ridden. And it will likely be off the same Irish coast that launched him to the forefront of riding huge waves over a decade ago.

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Al Mennie surfing at Area 70

Photographed by Conn Osborne

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Photographer Charles McQuillan

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